First Run Manual

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1. Disclaimer

  • Read all instructions inside this manual carefully

  • Read chapter Safety and Warning in the corresponding controller's datasheet carefully

  • For more information, read the corresponding controller's datasheet

2. Get SW

  • Download siliXcon SWtools from this link

  • Prepare SWtools on your PC by following the steps in the installation guide

3. Controller´s basic settings

  • Connect the controller to the PC via a USB cable

  • Open siliXcon Launchpad and open emGUI (see emGUI manual)

  • Set controller limiters according to your application (folder: driver/limiter):

    • UBMIN: Battery minimal voltage

    • UBMAX: Battery maximal voltage

    • IBPOS: Battery maximal discharge current

    • IBNEG: Battery charging current

IBNEG needs to be set in negative value. E.g. if you want to limit the charging current to 5 A put value -5 to IBNEG parameter
  • Set maximum motor phase current (folder: driver):

    • IREFMaximum motor phase current (peak value)

  • Save settings to the controller

 ! Do not connect USB if a PC and the controller are powered from the same power source !

4. Wiring - MOTOR

  • Disconnect USB cable

  • Connect three motor phase wires (order of phases is not essential in this step).

  • Connect motor sensors (if available) 

 Check the corresponding controller´s datasheet for pinout 

5. Wiring - control elements

  • Prepare a powering switch wiring

  • Prepare a potentiometer for motor control

Check the corresponding controller´s datasheet for pinout

6. Wiring - BATTERY

  • Check that the powering switch is in the OFF position

  • Check that the potentiometer is in the minimum position

  • Connect battery minus terminal

  • Connect battery plus terminal (sparking can occur)

Do not use a power supply which is connected to the electrical grid

Do not use a battery without a Battery Management System

7. Powering up

  • Turn on the controller by the powering switch (the motor can make a sound)

  • Connect the controller to the PC via a USB cable

  • Download and run scripts from the link:

    • 1 - Motor_sensor_selection

    • 2 - Motor_identification

  • These scripts will guide you through sensor selection and motor identification

Ensure that the motor shaft is unloaded and free to move. 

The motor will spin during the identification.

8. Spin It!

  • The system is prepared for the first run. 

  • You can spin the motor by using the potentiometer.

LYNX and OPHION applications support analogue throttle input in the default setting. Other applications may need additional settings.

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