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Posted 3 months ago by Tom

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Hi J 

How do we set up SC controller so we can benefit from maximum power for few second 

We can see that controller can pull 175A for 60min and 250A for 10s 

Our bms is rated 220A with burts of 400A 

Current setting is 150A but we thinking to increase to 175A but how can we set up controller to give us power of 250A wvwn for few seconds 

Best regards 


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Jiri Lambor posted 2 months ago Admin

Hi Tom

Thank you for your question.

Controller itself doesn't have a timelimited boost function. The maximal output current is internally limited by controller's limiters (temperature, overvoltage, undervoltage). So you can set iref to 250A and the controller will provide this current to the motor, until the temp limiter starts acting.

I hope this will help you


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