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Posted 3 months ago by Brice Le Rousseau

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Brice Le Rousseau

Our controller is a ESC3-SL controllers (variant 400), so it doesn't have a KEY resistor. We wake up the controller by applying the battery voltage to Pin 20 Power/adin5 and Key1 at the same time.

  • Is it possible to supply the logic part of the controller independently of Key 1 so that it can communicate in CAN without precharging directly?
  • Can the controller launch a precharge in reaction of a CAN request or a GPIO input?
  • Is there a "ready to run" mode on the controller? Which allows the controller/screen to be switched on but prevents driving (when a stand is extended or the circuit breaker is engaged)?

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Jiri Lambor posted 3 months ago Admin

Hi Brice

Thank you for the question. Please find the answer below

 I am not sure if I understand correctly your question. You can bring power only to logic part (pin1 and pin20) without bringing power to the main power terminals (bat+ and bat-). You can also set pchgtim to a negative value and then do the initialization by CAN command . What is your usecase, do you use a contactor driven by the controller ouput?

Lynx FW offers seatswitch functionality, which blocks the ride if it is active. So you need to dedicate one of the controller's input to this functionality by mapping IO/in_seatswitch.

I hope this will help you


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